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The African continent is undergoing huge socio-economic transformation driven by growing population, economic growth, tech boom, and increased flow of international investments.

The growing population which is predominantly youth, increased urbanization and pressure on consumption, create numerous challenges, and present an urge for business leaders and governments to think of innovative, scalable, and long-term solutions

Mwarongo Ventures was established to address these challenges by building businesses that touch the lives of the people, solving problems affecting businesses, and need to complement public investments.

We carefully select our sectors of focus, and we currently focus on financial services, logistics, food and agribusiness, construction, media, education and real estate.

We will continue to explore more other opportunities in other sectors that we believe we have the leverage to build scalable and innovative solutions.


ABOUT Mwarongo Ventures

Mwarongo Ventures is a diversified holding group with interest in highgrowth, scalable and impactful businesses across the African continent.

Headquartered in Tanzania, we focus on all African markets, while exploring the potential of tapping opportunities at a global scale.

Our commitment is to create more jobs, impact local economies, and generate competitive returns to our shareholders

We carefully select sectors that have huge potential for creating jobs, solving socio-economic problems, and can be scaled across the continent.

Our Vision is to provide integrated value-added solutions for B2C and B2B markets in Africa

Our current market focus is Tanzania, East Africa, and across SADC region

  • Our Vision

    Becoming a key player in building high growth businesses with socioeconomic impact on the African continent

  • Our Mission

    Investing in high-value businesses solving critical problems in Africa, by using our expertise, resources, and network

  • Our Core Values

    Long-term impact
    Ethics an integrity
    Social and environmental care
    Value for money


Our Portfolio


Financial Services

Our financial services division focus on building traditional and modern businesses to provide one-stop marketplace for all financial services
Our financial services target both retail and institutional clients.

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Our logistics services are designed to solve all major logistics challenges that impact on business costs and economic development.

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Our food division is involved in offering services for different value chains.
We do end-to-end value chain activities, from farm to fork.

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Real Estate

We offer a wide range of real estate services for both retail and institutional clients

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Kisura builders is our construction and building services division

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Our education services cover short and long-term training for skills development

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Smartup Media is a digital media company with a mission to change lives through knowledge, information, and inspiration in the finance,investment, tech, and entrepreneurship world

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